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Buck Survival

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Magnify Buck Camp Axe
Buck Camp Axe
Buck Camp Axe
The Buck Knives Camp Axe is more than just a means to chop up some branches and get some firewood going, this Axe offers a squared-off back with hammer shape so you can pound in stakes or hammer anything that needs to be secured. The Thermoplastic Shaft with Semi-Rubberized Grip ensures that you have a solid hold on each swing so you can maximize power without letting it go. The weighted head helps provide the force you want with each chop. Weighing just a little over a pound yet incredibly powerful, the Buck Knives Camp Axe is a tool that you'll appreciate having on your next camping adventure. Powder Coated, High-Carbon Steel Blade, 3in Cutting Edge, Thermoplastic Shaft with Semi-Rubberized Grip, Length: 17in, Weight: 19.2oz, Product ID: 330579, Model Number: 757BKM5280, Model Year: 2014
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Buck Survival 1 to 1 of 1